Welcome to Umeshiso

Thank you so much for visiting my shop! My name is Umeko. I've worked in specialty coffee for 14 years.
As a queer, mixed race, nonbinary femme, I've often felt out of place in my industry. I hope this shop will help others like me to feel more comfortable and at home in coffee! 

Umeshiso celebrates:

- women
- femmes
- nonbinary and trans folks
- BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)
- and allies

in the coffee industry 💕 And of course, everyone who lives at intersections of the above!

We don't need to fit one specific template to have a place in coffee, in our lives and in the world. So I wanted to create objects that we can carry with us, to remind us every day of our brilliance and our worth.

With bright colors, rainbows, and pastels, each item here is curated to spark self-love, and to celebrate difference.

To make this space welcoming for everyone, everything is priced on a sliding scale. Just pay the amount that is comfortable for you.

I hope you enjoy! We're all in this together 🌈💕🕊

To learn more, follow my instagram: @umeshiso_

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